From around the year 2010 there has been a growth in televisions sizes, literally! After the flat screen TVs had found their ground in our living rooms, the manufactures saw this as a chance to let their imagination run wild and made them even bigger, convincing us that a bigger image would give for better viewing and till today we see the television mutate in size to the tunes of 48, 55 and even 84 inch screens. Much as this is the trend to go with, for how long will this be the case? Like a bulging balloon, at this rate the television is growing so big it might burst into a whole new concept, if it already hasn’t.
The days of TV might soon be coming to an end, well, if the trends of the manufacturers continue at this pace. It might seem like a bizarre thing to think but HD projectors, 3D and virtual reality goggles are slowly taking over the demand for better image viewing.
Earlier this year Sony showcased a projector that is believed to be a game changer. They called it the Short throw projector. Different from the kind we are used to, this one is placed beside the wall and not on the ceiling or at a distance from the wall because it projects an image from its top. Not only is it convenient especially with space economy, it beats even the high end TV. Its offers a 4K image also known as Ultra HD and this image can be expanded to a span of up to 114 inches. So much for a giant TV.
Then there are the 3D goggles that are now pretty much in every cinema or come along with a smart TV. They are designed to give the illusion of your presence in the motion picture by eliminating the confines of a TV screen frame. When compared to the conventional viewing of a TV, the difference is undebatable. So now imagine, integrating the above mentioned projector with 3D goggles, you can now kiss the TV goodbye.
Any gamer that has had the chance to use virtual reality goggles will tell you that nothing comes close to it. If you think playing X box or Play Station on a giant HD television is the ultimate experience, I assure you that opinion will change once you have tried any virtual reality enabled console. With this, a game stops being deeply detailed and becomes real. Something better experienced that written about.
While the television is under attack, it is not the only one because even the computer monitors are being threatened by holographic projectors. The sort of thing you see in movies like Avatar or Spiderman or Iron man.holograph Being holographic, they give a 3D image which you will not only see but touch and manipulate with your hands. Like in the movies, the applications of this can be unlimited from investigative work, to design and demonstrations in a classroom setting. Which in essence is what the computer monitors do but might not do for long because slowly but surely we are moving to that age where using the screen monitor will be seen as deprivation of quality as we move to the better and more fun 3D and virtual reality imaging.
By Daniel Odaka

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