theftToday I lost my smartphone. No, my smart phone got stolen. Not many can put in words the kind of depression you feel when you lose something you hold so dear to theft. If you have the remotest attachment to your gadgets then it shouldn’t be hard for you to imagine what it would be like to have it taken away from you. Amidst the heap of emotion, I remembered a little app I had installed on the phone while I still had it. It was made for such situations. It was called the anti-theft app.
If you have installed an antivirus on your smartphone you might notice that other app or function called anti-theft that comes along with it. Well, when I downloaded Avast antivirus, I thought it might come in handy to install this little app as well, for a rainy day and as of today, it is raining cats and dogs.
After reporting the case to the authorities, I sat with my laptop to give Avast anti-theft a try. To see if it really works or not. Will I find my phone and the person that took it? I intend to follow through with it to the end and share the entire experience to see how effective this technology is.
When installing it months ago, I had to register for an account. When I visited the Avast website today, logging in involved nothing that I didn’t expect, email address and password or the other option which is Login with Facebook. I took the latter.
Being the first time here I expected a lot, and I was surprised with what I saw? Right there was my name and phone number, the IMEI number of the phone (known to many as the serial number), network subscribed to and email address. As I scrolled further down, I found amazing details such as the time of the last communication. Also there, was the percentage of the battery when the phone was turned off.
After appreciating the knowledge the software had about me and my now lost phone, I went ahead to see what I could do about recovering my beloved Android device. Under settings were commands you could give to the phone to help you get it back. I could choose from the list that included, locking the phone when attempts to unlock it are failed, setting off an alarm, secretly revealing the map location of the phone using GPS, getting coordinates of the location, the receiving the sms and calls from the phone on another that you chose (the system called a first friend), without the knowledge of the holder of the handset. I could call it or send a sms or leave a message that shows that the phone is a lost one and it would tell me if the SIM pack was changed.
All these seemed like great ways to try to get back what is mine, so after a lot of thought I started by reporting it as lost, then I chose for it to give me the map location of the phone every 5 minutes and to lock when whoever has it attempts thrice to unlock the phone and fails.
The day ended without any results except the fact that there is a verified SIM card in the device, which to me means that the phone is switched off, but that will not stop me from seeing this through to the end no matter the outcome while sharing the experience in case some else goes through the same. Tomorrow I will check for any updates and the day after that and the one after that…
By Daniel C Odaka

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