selena3I sat there watching her as she strutted across the room. Thinking to myself, what it would be like being with her, holding her hands, touching her face, watching her wipe away happy tears as she laughed at my jokes. I sat there wondering. Imagining, what her voice sounded like? By what beautiful name she was called.
I hadn’t felt like this in a long time, maybe because I had never seen a lady as beautiful as this. Her skin’s light complexion, clear brown eyes, and dimples that formed on her cheeks every time her lips parted. Her lips were painted in red lipstick, touched with a glossy finish, her body curved out perfectly and she looked irresistible in a short black dress. Seeing her felt like Déjà vu, but then it must have been because I had looked at her for so long, it seemed repetitive.
I felt my inner face heat up when we shared a moment of eye contact, for a split second I could have sworn that I felt my heart halt. She smiled, a shy but beautiful smile that spoke volumes to my already dazed mind.
Through the cloud of thought, the only thing that seemed to count was the urge to go over and talk to her, but just beside it was also the fear that kept me in my seat. Like two armies at war over my body’s next move. Soon the former claimed victory and I saw the anxiety brighten her face as she watched me walk straight towards her.
“Hi,” I said, stretching my hand out, trying to keep my now quaking limb as firm as I could. “Hi,” she replied in the most amazing accent I have ever heard. “Am Chris and you are…?”
“Selena” she replied.
“You do not seem to be from around here, are you?”
“No, I am not.”
“Oh, so where are you from?”
“England” she replied.
From then on, I cannot remember much of what we talked about but the sound of her English pronunciation and her bold laughter have since then resounded in my head. The picture of her Brilliant white denture and the way her shoulders moved when she giggled is one I will never forget.
Like a fountain, our conversation went on for hours, me evermore falling deeper and deeper for her charm while trying my best to ensure that she feels the same. I looked at my watch and asked if she could go with me to a hangout in town, away from all these other people. She looked me dead in the eyes and in her racy British accent said she couldn’t. She was only here to attend her best friend’s wedding after which she would be on an early morning flight back to her home.
I felt my blood go cold, my spine disintegrating, causing brain failure in fast forward. I looked for what to say but all that I could produce was a stutter. When a word finally got to my tongue, she moved forward and with her lips placed on me the softest and most electrifying touch I have ever felt. Her lips on mine felt like the cup of paradise had been opened and part of it had been poured out on me. Everything went silent and all I could hear was my heart race beneath my ribs.
“Thank you for such a great evening Chris. You are so sweet. I will miss you.” I heard her say, while trying to comprehend what had just happened. By the time my brain awoke from what seemed like a dream, she was gone. Without a way to contact her and never to be seen again. This girl Selena had left me deeply in love yet alone.
By Daniel C. Odaka

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