The dreams of a young man or woman to make it big in life often start from emptiness. An empty wallet, empty room of residence and many times an empty stomach. When the hunger bites hard at your stomach walls, there is an attempt to mitigate the pain, you then channel the hunger from the stomach to the mind, not so that the hydrochloric acid can digest it but maybe, just maybe it could cook up at way to get you to a life of satisfaction, when you no longer have to look and pass by a KFC restaurant like its forbidden ground.
I am a young man and I want it all. The fancy SUV with a V8 engine and leather seats, a mansion I can call home with a lawn large enough to hold hundreds of people during the house parties with my friends and family. All this might seem possible, in a world that is different from the one we live in right now, because there is something these tycoons and billionaires are not telling us, achieving the American Dream or in this case the Ugandan youthful dream is close to impossible.
thinkingYou think of what to do for yourself, you walk and look for a corporate job, then you later forget them because unless you know or are related to the guys in the country’s elite circles, those are not for you. So business idea after business idea, you picture it from start to finish. It begins with you in a hustle then ends with you receiving cheques with at least 7 digits separated by two commas. The idea is stopped halfway by a grumbling empty stomach while the ideas you do try, can leave you with an empty wallet. Like a vicious circle, leading back to emptiness.jobs
Being young in Uganda is no joke, nothing is really easy, even the wealthy say they started from scratch, literally. The mogul Sudil drove a taxi, not in Uganda, no but looking at him now, that seems like scratch. Me? I beg to differ from the youthful dreamers, I am also at scratch, and I will not tell what am doing. As I said its scratch! People may or may not hear about it years to come but from that stuff comes the 6.2 liter petrol super cars, marble floor bungalows, Giorgio Armani filled walk in closets and dinners in restaurants with meals you can barely pronounce. suitsHow do I know this you may ask? Well, I know this because in the emptiness, I see it coming, I feel and believe and unless I wake up a millionaire in the US dollar tomorrow, I will be on my grind till I get there.
By Daniel C Odaka

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