Dear Foe,
As I write this my heart bleeds and much as it hurts, I wish to tell you what has been on my mind for a while. I look back at the times we shared, when we would be merry together, go for rides to distant places. The times we sat around a table clearly determined to finish unmentionable amounts of pork. Those times when your problem was mine and mine was yours. Now I wonder what the hell happened. You call me names behind my back and slander my name amongst all your other friends. Do you still call me your friend? Do you? The last time I heard from you, you called me ‘that man’ while you pointed squarely at me. What did I do to deserve all this malice from you? Tell me, what? I thought maybe if I apologized you would come around but yesterday I saw it for myself that you will never reconsider my friendship. You did what I never expected you to do, you know it and from now on I call you my enemy. I have deleted your number from my phone and I will unfriend you from Facebook once I am done writing this. For all the bad things you have said to me and all the suffering you have wished upon my head, I say that let God be my judge. I know I did nothing to deserve this. I pray that he blesses you and if He wills it, deliver you in my hands and I will make sure you also know what I am feeling now. Have a nice life wherever you go and may I never cross paths with you, EVER! Bye. Your new enemy.
By Daniel C Odaka

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