Flaw or con


It is now over three months since my smartphone was stolen. A Lenovo S720 that had found a place in the depths of my heart, like all my gadgets eventually do. One can only imagine how hard it was to let it go and one of my earlier articles with a similar title shows how I had devised a plan to recover it, or at least give its new owner a hard time using what is rightfully mine. Because it is mine!
images (8)Before the theft I had installed an app called anti-theft that according to the maker said I would be able to track my phone anywhere on the planet plus a bunch of things that would help in getting it back. However I now write to convey my disappointment in the app.
Over the past months I have made no progress at all in recovering my phone. The GPS locator for instance has for all this time been telling me that it is still searching. Which makes me wonder whether Uganda does not appear on the recent world map or if the program is even searching at all. The long hours of looking at the blinking dots and the word loading shifted from annoying to hypnotizing.images (10) It holds you in a constant state of anxiety hoping that in the next second the location will pop up to calm your desperate heart. I have now concluded that this is how the program is designed to work and if am right, these guy are clever con men.
I have full faith in technology especially the modern kind but either this app segregates or an investigation should be done, some guy and his colleagues fired and probably a lawsuit filed because this is just wrong.
I have now given up on the entire plan and have moved on to another device but for all those that get the jolts of anxiety when u see an anti-theft app in your application store, take it from me that you might have to think of the space on your device that you are going to lose because the only thing you will get from this kind of application is less space to install better working apps.
Now that I have a new device I have devised new methods to do or attempt to do what the above mentioned app failed to do;
First I am working on my speed so that if a person feels they want my gadgets then they had better be sure that they can run like the wind because damn straight I will chase them.
Similar to the above is working on my punches. When am done catching the thug, he should feel my disgruntlement at his act and what better way to do this than give him the mother of all beatings. He will live to remember me and my fists.images (9)
Am also looking at getting a police guy who can assist with such things, like the way you get a bajaj guy for those important tasks. There I will know where to turn just in case I hit the thug a little too hard or if he is really sharp and gets away. He will not feel very lucky after my police guy is done with him.

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