The past 12 months have seen some of the world’s most interesting innovations, the Japanese made a smart shirt, Nokia made a smart skirt, the Galaxy S5 and the waterproof Xperia Z1 and 2 and these are just a few from the many and that I can be mention without calling for a further explanation.
Now that 2014 is in the past, it is time to think about what will blow consumers away this year. I am quite sure that the electronics manufacturers share the same kind of thought and are in their offices coming up with new innovations and gizmos. As I sit in my little room I can’t help but have some thoughts of my own that I believe can change the world. Stuff that companies like Intel, Samsung, Sony or even Microsoft could use to get that edge in the current cut throat competition. Since I am not a part of any of the above, there I can understand if none of these ever get to see the light of day but if it were up to me, I would have these innovations on a production line as soon as possible.
My innovations that would make news in 2015:
• RJ45 adapter for smart phones
This idea hit me some time in 2014 and I thought it can totally work. If anyone works in a place with networked computers and by this I mean those with physical connectors like cables, you must know that the link to the network is the cable, without it you cannot send or receive work emails and most importantly, you cannot connect to the internet. This internet connection is usually very fast, and when compared to the speeds you get on your smart phone from the mobile networks, you cannot resist feeling cheated. So one evening it hits me, what if there was a way to connect that cable to my smart phone? Forget this 3.75G internet, I would be running on some serious bandwidth. So if it were up to me, I would create an RJ45 adapter that would connect smartphones to the cabled networks. To be safe from law suits, I would add a little notice on the adapter that reads, ‘To be used after working hours’ just to be sure no one gets me wrong.
• Smart phone app meter
Have you ever seen someone with a really sleek smart phone? It could be a flagship phone or something really fancy with high ranking performance and features. The kinds of phones that have 4GB+ RAM quad core processors and the like. Then when you scroll through the apps you discover that the downloaded ones are countable on one or both hands. I would make it mandatory for the phone manufacturers to add an app meter to the phones. I call it the ‘Appometer’. This app would calculate how many apps can fit on the phone without slowing down its performance and plot a graph to let its owner know that there is still plenty of space left for a lot more apps instead of having a fancy phone that does the same things for you as the non-smart one that you dropped for this one.

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