love 2‘Love is the greatest force in the world.’ This phrase has been used several times and has been debated by multitudes alike. The fact is that Love is a powerful force that will and has been a driving force for many of man’s actions for millennia. It has united people, it has had others killed and is the reason most of us even exist; we are a product of love.
A proper understanding of love has seen peace and harmony prevail while the misconception of it has seen darkness, pain and suffering to individuals and communities alike. One of the most misconceived forms of love in my opinion is that which exists between a man and woman. Relationships come to an end and new ones spring up on a daily everywhere. This is normal because this is how the world works but then the frequency at which individuals end and start relationships sometimes calls for attention.
There are people who get out of relationships, for whatever reason , are broken hearted, in pain and curse all men or women saying things like they are all fools… They change their relationship status on Facebook to single and are around friends who comfort them.  A few days later, the every person that was grieving is in a new relationship again that usually lasts a period not much longer than the previous one and the cycle goes on and on.
This makes me wonder and makes me ask, do people really fall in love or are they just in Love with the idea of being in love? Not to be misunderstood, I know that finding the right relationship is about trying and compromising but if your past relationships are counted in values of tens then is that really love? Do you fall in love with people in these relationships or do you fall in love with the idea of being in a relationship. Is love found in people or in being in relationships? Why do some people jump from one relationship to the next without figuring out what went wrong or what you could learn from the previous encounter?
It is hard to tell which of the two things apply here, but in my opinion I would think before one gets into a new relationship, one should take a moment to understand what went wrong in the previous relationship, if one was the cause of its failure, what can be done to make the next one better and probably more successful. Other than hoping from one relationship to the next and living the same story of depression. Let people take time to fall in love another person and not fall in love with the idea of being in a relationship with people. If this was done maybe there will be a lot less breakups and ‘mistakes’

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