Students from Namilyango College are called Ngonians. The alumni like to go by the same name even though they have an inner circle called NACOBA. NACOBA is an association that encompasses all the college alumni and since it is evidently difficult to make a funky name from it, I’d think it’s ok if they went by the universal title; Ngonian. I am just stating facts here and this is far from what I intend to talk about. So on to the real issue.
If there is an event on the Ngonian calendar that ignites butterflies more than prom it would be the Annual NACOBA Dinner. It is the day the men from the great college come together to have a swell time catching up with old friends, networking and making new ones. Call it a grown man’s prom if you like.
Usually when people hear the word dinner, its often synonymous with a wine and dine experience but to a bonafide Ngonian, he knows that this meet and greet is a lot more than fancy suits, good food and gorgeous dates. Behind the buzz and the conversation is a deeper meaning, a greater reconnection to a dream that started in the year 1902 and has spread across the world in the form of men.
A dream that a group of Catholic missionaries would create the ultimate being, a whole man, who would face the harsh world with respect, valor and such knowledge that he would eventually change it. This dream has since been fulfilled by thousands of Ngonians around the world and continues to be for an infinite time.
Saturday March 28th 2015 has been set aside once again as the day that we the brothers defined by the 1902 Mill Hill dream are to meet and reconnect to that dream while we have the time of our lives.
The venue is set and beckons for its rightful owners to claim their place. Fairway Hotel Kampala on 28th March awaits your presence at the Annual NACOBA dinner where the Old meets New under the theme, “Different seeds, Same breed.”  You are all invited. NISI DOMINUS
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