The year 2014 in Uganda was a year of numerous trends, sex tapes not being an exception. As a matter of fact sex tapes were in thing for most part of the year and do not seem to be dying soon even in the New Year.  Since the release of the infamous ‘Make it Nasty’ video that acted as a spark to the sex tape explosion, many others have made their way to our phones and computers whether intentionally or not.
Parents, elders and those still concerned about the moral fiber of society have ridiculed the notion of the exposure of the private affairs between people who are in a relationship that involves sex and in the defense of many; the blame has been placed in numerous places. The biggest culprit has been the media with most fingers pointing at social media in particular. Much as this is somewhat true, I beg to differ and say it is the people to blame for this shameful trend.omg1
In all understanding of the word sex, it is meant to be a private affair between two consenting individuals who engage in the act for whatever reason from pleasure seeking to procreation or both. This is the belief especially in the African culture; however, for individuals to record what is meant to be private, it is for the purpose of review at a later time. Whether the review is for a select set of eyes or not, the point is that it is meant for review. Now whether those that have been affected are just careless or seem to forget the ease with which information can be got these days, why should anyone blame social media for being what it is; that is to say a medium of communication and sharing of content. Therefore why blame it for magnifying the very reason the sex tape was made in the first place.
I greatly sympathize with those that are victims of malice by others and I do not blame them for what happened to them, but for the individuals that knew that there was a rolling camera in the same room that they had sex in, those that tend to shield themselves behind statements like, ‘I was in love and foolish’ or ‘It was a mistake’ surely it was a mistake for you to record the act and it is a mistake to blame social media and the media as a whole because it is just a tool. A tool that feeds on content made by people like you and I. That is how it works, period! If we choose not to feed it this kind of information then there will not be such occurrences of leaked nude photos or sex videos that damage careers and tannish names. If that Kardashian had chosen not to accept that photo-shoot, she never would have broken the internet with insults and ridicule. If Zari had never recorded her bedroom affairs, she never would have been a household reference to dry humor.
I like to think that we are the masters of the tech we make and use and to a certain extent even the media because the media that we blame for exposing what we consider private is fed by us. I strongly believe that social media and the internet are not to blame for the wide spread of sex tapes as many would say but rather we the people that shoot these videos and take these nude pictures are to be held accountable for what we do. This is what I think, as I am sure you too have your own opinion.

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