It was at that moment that I knew it was going nowhere. “So, it was really hot today, huh” I said while she brushed a glance at me before looking at her plate. “Yes it was.” Again throwing me a brief glance and quickly looking away. I knew I had to do better but my brain couldn’t get the right words to say. The awkwardness was followed by an even more awkward silence where for a moment our eyes met but we quickly shied away because I could not bear to see the look of disappointment on her face as I am sure she did not want to reinforce my failed attempt to impress.
This was our first date and besides her unforgettable red dress and the amazing food, nothing else was going right. I found myself talking about the weather, the cutlery and occasionally about the waiter that served us and the way his English left a lot to be desired. With every passing minute, I felt my male pride shrink and my ego get punctured. I was nervous and my legs shook beneath the table. I slowly started to sweat as I thought of a method of redemption from this ever growing nightmare.
Should I go to the bathroom, find the waiter, clear the bill and escape? Maybe not. Should I just suggest that we eat in silence then go our separate ways? That wouldn’t work either. At that moment, she puts her phone to her ear. Her face changed from a slightly tense look to one of freight. “She what?” she said out loud. “Okay, I am on my way.”
I did not know whether to feel sad or relieved to hear this because much as it was well played, I knew it was an excuse to leave. The mixed feelings soon turned to disappointment. Why didn’t I think of that? She talked about her friend and a dead dog, at least that’s what I think she said. My mind had drifted off so far away that she ceased to exist. Feeling disappointed as I watched her go, I called to the waiter to bring me a glass of whiskey. Every sip tasted better than the last and the walk home felt even better.
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