Nokia 3310 is the real backup

I hear some people say that the new Nokia 3310 is underwhelming. Maybe they are right but I really disagree. The revamp of the legendary handheld device comes to solve an issue that many people that are taken up by the smart phones experience but are not so ready to accept. 
The issue is that smart phones are not very reliable for the busy life of phone calls and full time internet presence without having to be within the viscinity of a power outlet or a power bank. 
For the busy person, there is need to have a backup phone for making phone calls. A phone whose battery can last long and doesn’t need to be handled with as much care as one would handle the large screen smart phones. Much as the Chinese phones have been common in Uganda for this purpose, they just haven’t sat well with people who appreciate feature phones with high end feature phone specifications like good sound output, a somewhat good camera,  good looks and a proper name brand to go with.
The new 3310 is the answer to that issue and its makers are using a lot of nostalgia to sell it to all those people that need a good backup phone and are old enough to remember how good the new phone’s predecessor was. 
I am one of those that are excited to see this phone make a come back and will surely get myself one when they are made available.

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