Understanding the essence of Digital Well Being

Digital well being is a term that we are going to be hearing a lot in the months to come. For anyone that keeps tabs on the advancements in the world of tech, you might have heard about this phenomenon already but if you haven’t, Digital well being is a concept that Google introduced to the world during their recent I/O event. It is basically using technology to help us live our lives better. You might ask, “Isn’t that what technology has been doing all along?” my answer to that would be yes and no.
The advancements in technology have been to make our work and lives as human beings better, but in the process of doing this, we have become very dependent on technology and in many ways it is ruining our quality of life, social interactions and connection with the real world around us. Digital Well being is here to fix this; in the most part.
Google at its annual I/O event announced the incorporation of digital well being to the design of their latest Android Operating system (Android P) and it is meant to help users keep away from their devices and concentrate on other more important activities without losing the attachment or dependency on the technology we use everyday. Ideally it is letting technology do the heavy lifting while we go about doing human stuff. Some of the features of Google’s digital well being include, being able to track how long you spend using your phone, being able to set reminders so that you can take a break from watching YouTube videos and talk to your neighbor, using your voice to get things done like send texts or make appointments with the help of the freakishly intelligent Google Assistant, using the phone to help you sleep and get enough rest, among lots of other applications.
The target of digital well being is to reverse the trend that technology has created by using the very same technology in a new and interesting way. We spend lots of hours using our phones and looking into their screens, what digital well being is doing is letting technology do the things we have been concentrating on giving us more time to interact with our environment, family, friends, and work.

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