Keep your cyber reputation safe in 3 quick moves

You might have already heard in the news or read from the Tabloids that the prominent business woman and socialite Zari the boss lady experienced a hack of her social media accounts, if you hadn’t heard, well now you know.
The occurrence of hacking accounts especially those of famous people is not a new occurrence around the world, just last year Mark Zukerburg was hacked and that isn’t the biggest personality to go through this, but who is keeping score. In a world where our reputation is leveraged by social media, it is important to know how to keep your accounts safe and I recommend using these 3 steps to keep the hackers at bay from your social media.
Get a Strong Password
This is by far the best tool you can use to keep your accounts safe. A password can be compared to the lock you have on your door. The stronger it is, the better for your security. Most of the websites that require you to set up accounts, recommend using a password with at least 6 characters but more lately some websites insist that you have at least 8 characters including a capital letter, numbers and some symbols like the @,&, *,# or %.  I would recommend that if you intend to use numbers, use prime numbers like 3,5,7,11,13…you get the point.
Change your password regularly
Its one thing to have a strong password but if you are a target for hackers then you will need to change the password regularly. It is important to know that hacking sometimes involves try and error, therefore, if a hacker fails once, they are sure to try again till they get in. Think again of a door lock, if an intruder tried to break into your house once, you would change the locks, and if they tried again, you would keep changing the locks. For this I would suggest that you change the password for your personal accounts every 3 months or whenever you feel like your account s under threat.
Watch who you give access to your devices
Everyday, you access your personal accounts through a device, it could be a computer or smartphone. For most people, it is the latter and for the most part it is a good thing because it is convenient but in some part it is the common culprit for why accounts get hacked. Giving a person access to your device that has your accounts signed in can leave you open to hacking. For this i would recommend being mindful of who you give your phone or computer to when your social media accounts are logged in.

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