Areas Uganda needs Artificial Intelligence…like yesterday!

Artificial intelligence or machine intelligence or as its commonly know A.I is changing the way we do things at a pace that is faster than many had believed it would a few years ago. As its name suggests it is a phenomenon that enables machines to think for themselves without the direct input from human beings as has been the case since the first computers were made.
The concept of computers thinking for themselves creates both excitement and fear in many people, personally I am terrified by the fact that machines can think for themselves, I have watched all the Terminator movies and the possibility of robots one day enslaving humans scares me.
However I can not just dismiss the good things that AI has done and continues to do such as those mobile assistants like Siri and Google Assistant or its application in advertising, medicine, gaming just to mention but a few. As a matter of fact, I have often wondered whether we should adopt the use of AI in some of the services we use as Ugandans. Our service sector is generally not good and largely it’s the people to blame for this. Why then can’t we have machines take over some of the activities so as to get us the right kind of service delivery we deserve. I decided to pick out a few areas where I believe A.I can do us some good.
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Traffic Lights
If you have moved through Kampala City during rush hour, it is common to find police officers directing the flow of traffic at a junction with traffic lights. This baffles me a lot and I know I am not alone. The police say that they do this because the lights are not able to make realistic decisions based on the situation. Most times, neither can the officers. Therefore, why not solve this problem by having intelligent traffic lights that can assess the situation and make intelligent informed decisions.
National ID replacement
God forbid you lose your national ID in Uganda because you will spend the greater part of a year waiting to have it replaced. Since all the information on the registered Ugandans was stored in a database, I would think it must be the human element that makes the process tedious and long. I  also believe that having an A.I handling the replacement process of the IDs would take that process from a couple of months to a couple of days and maybe even a few hours.
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Sim Card registration
I have always wondered whether it could be possible to use the data from the national ID registration to verify and register a new SIM card in an instant. I understand that it is a delicate verification process, however, removing the human element and having the super intelligent computers handle this could reduce that verification time to minutes, maybe even shorter.
Do you think there are areas where A.I can make service delivery a lot easier and faster?

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