Facebook got hacked,here's how you protect yourself

Social media site Facebook on Friday announced that it had been hacked and about 50 million of its users were left vulnerable as the attack on the social media giant gave the hackers access to some 50 million user accounts. The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the attack and reassured the users of Facebook that they were working to fix the breach. According to Zuckerberg the attackers exploited a bug in the system to access the profiles of millions. Zuckerberg added that they had reset the accounts of the 50 million people that had been affected and also reset another 40 million for good measure.
What this means for the users of Facebook is that those users whose accounts were affected will be required to rest their passwords the next time they login to Facebook. This however raises the need for us to all be aware of our security and privacy on the internet. Therefore, if you are a user of Facebook, whether or not you were affected by the hack, it would be important that you reset your password. And be vigilant is keeping your personal information safe on social media or any other site on the internet.
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