Google's new phone can now answer the phone calls you don't want to answer

A few days ago Google launched their new flagship phone the Pixel 3, along with this was the brother to the pixel called the Pixel 3 XL which from the name is larger than its counterpart. Google at the same event launched other devices like the Google slate and google home hub. In this article I will narrow down to just the Pixel 3 and one feature on this phone in particular.
This feature is called Call Screen. The call screen feature is yet another show of the superiority of Google’s AI game and the growth of the google assistant which started as a version of google just for you and is now a full blown 24 hour assistant that makes your life easier.
Back to call screen; this feature enables you to deal with the phone calls you can’t or do not want to answer by having the google assistant take the call on your behalf. So what happens is this, When you receive a phone call, you are given the call screen option on top of the answer and decline options. Should you choose the call screen, the assistant will take over, answer the call, introduce itself to the caller as Google’s screening service and then ask the person to proceed with their message. While the phone is going this, it transcribes the call in real time for you the owner. This way you can read what the person on the other end is saying and then you can decide to answer the call, report the caller as Spam or end the call immediately.
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Once again Google wants to make our lives easier and the premise for this feature came from people’s complaints of spam calls from telemarketers and all those people that just make phone calls a pain. This feature so far is only available on the new Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL devices which you can get if you have $799 and $899 respectively. It would surely be nice to have this feature water down to all the other android phone carriers in the near future.

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