The fold-able smartphone is here

If you were born in the 90s you probably remember the flip phone. That cool phone that made you look sophisticated as you flipped the top to read a text or receive a call. They were cool, looked good and everyone who knew nice things wanted one. In 2004 Motorola made the flip phone even more attractive and desirable with the Moto Razr series which were the hottest items for several of months and then the whole flip phone concept died.
Its a long time since 2004 and we have seen phones take on trends of their own, to mention but a few the huge slim displays, the notch, OLED screens, Face ID and bezel-less designs but as of October 2018 the flip phone is making a come back. The phone design that made us look cool is being re-imagined in the smartphone era and Samsung is leading the charge on this one.
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In October, the rumors of Samsung making a fold-able smartphone were strong and they were everywhere. Last week, however, the smartphone manufacturer put the rumors to rest and unveiling a working prototype of what they call the infinity flex display. A smart device with a folding screen.
During an event, Samsung unveiled the infinity flex display that in folded mode is a regular smart phone with an OLED touch screen that you can use like any other smartphone and when its opened up it transforms into a 7.2 inch tablet that lets you use up to three apps simultaneously.
The company did not explain a lot about the device because it is still a prototype but they promised that they would be working on more versions of flexible displays such as roll-able and stretchable screen. We can only hope that next year, they will actually have a production ready fold-able device.

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