This is where Apple is pushing tech in 2019

I know the year is not yet over but I would like to put this out there for you to think about as the year ends. This is also because the consumer tech calendar is basically over.

The phenomenon known as tech-tober has fizzled out. All the consumer tech companies have released their biggest products including Apple, and Google among many others. The end of tech-tober has left us with some awesome gadgets and services that will serve us well int the coming year, however some of these are not just good products to use, they are also trend setters that are going to shape the way we interact with technology in the coming months. At the top of this trend setting list is Apple’s products, which comes as no surprise.

Apple has always been that trend setter that companies copy, their innovations usually determine what we shall see in the future. For instance, we can blame Apple for the notch and killing of the headphone jack on flagship phones and in their usual fashion, they are influencing the future with these.

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Mid range smartphone in between flagships

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When Apple announced the release of their iPhone X and Xs which they called the best iPhone they have made to date, they also announced a small lower end iPhone called the iPhone XR which had lower specs than the other phones announced that day and also had a lower price tag. This lower priced phone was made to cater for the clients that would want a new iPhone but don’t have the money to spend on a pricey flagship. This strategy made sense, so much so that Google is reportedly working on a new mid range Pixel phone to compliment its Pixel 3 and 3XL phones that were released this year. Their new phone has lower specs and a lower price tag than its bigger cousins. This is a trend that I see being adapted by some other phone manufacturers in 2019.

The tablet replacing the laptop

It has been a while since tablets were a thing. Their popularity disappeared almost as fast as they came but tech-tober saw the return of the iPad. A faster, sleeker and more powerful tablet than anything we have seen before. The new iPad has been praised for its convenience and power, its praise has even overshadowed the Microsoft Surface that came before it. With a large interface, powerful specs including pencil support and a keyboard, it is being suggested and argued that the new iPad could replace laptops. while at the moment it is no a viable thing, it is sure to be something that device manufacturers are going to consider. Tablet makers could work towards making tablets compete with laptops and laptop makers could start to create some laptops that have tablet like features like a detachable screen or fold-able keyboards, the possibilities are endless and could all be sparked by Apple’s innovation.

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