One Plus announces partnership with Mclaren

Just today, British automaker Mclaren announced a partnership with the smartphone manufacturer One Plus. One Plus recently came into the smartphone market with an amazing philosophy that has put them high among the ranks with the likes of Samsung, Oppo and Huawei. Simply put they put as many high end features and specs into phone for the lowest price. What that creates is a smartphone that has near flagship features and specs but for a fraction of the price of an actual flagship.

OnePlus smartphone

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OnePlus has been able to engineer phones with some of the best mobile gaming capabilities and fast charging speeds which have become a benchmark in their industry. With such a reputation, going into a collaborative partnership with a company like Mclaren which is known for high quality craftsmanship is a dream come true.

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The Mclaren 720s

The partnership between Mclaren and OnePlus is still new but opens up a host of speculation as to the kind of creations the two can make together or can support each other to make. Mercedes Formula one racing team partnered with Qualcomm and the results of that partnership are starting to yield fruit for the smartphone industry so such a collaboration between Mclaren and OnePlus paints a promising picture of what is coming ahead.

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