How to keep your valuables safe this Christmas season

If you have nudes on your phone, you need to delete them now or chances are somewhat high that they might leak. But you know that already and this is not the gist of the article, no, this article is more about cyber security and protecting the information on your devices from the evil people on the internet.
Cyber security is one of those things that can be hard to understand. Just think about it as protecting your digital information from hackers the same way you would protect your house from burglars. As we get into the year, the bad guys are looking for new ways to steal from you but fear not because this is how you protect yourself.
Password protection
When was the last time you changed your password? How easy is your password to remember and just how hard is it to crack? These are the questions you need to ask yourself as you prepare for the new year. If you have been using passwords on your personal cyber accounts like email, social media and unlocking your phone or computer, you should think about changing the current ones. It is advisable to change your password every once in a while and when you do so, create a password that is easy for you to remember but also hard for others to crack. Remember, for a strong password, use both capital and small letters, use symbols and numbers as well.
Switch to Biometrics
Biometric technology is becoming a preferred option for protection. More and more smartphone manufacturers are using fingerprint scanners to unlock their phones. Face ID for unlocking is also being adopted by many manufacturers including the budget phone makers. The advantage biometrics has over password protection is that while a password can be guessed but it’s not as easy to copy one’s biometrics data.
Use the cloud
The cloud I am referring to is cloud computing. If you have sensitive information or items on your phone such as the above mentioned nudes, it is a safe bet to keep them on the cloud as compared to just on your devices. If you can’t guarantee that your devices will not be stolen, keep your sensitive information on a cloud server where corporations are working hard to make sure they are secure, plus there are lots of options to choose from, such as Google and Microsoft among others.

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