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Are you doing enough to protect your phone screen?

Since smartphones became a thing in 2008, there has always been at least one component about them that leaves a lot to be desired. This component is usually the key focus for Research and Development and a huge selling point for the manufacturers who crack it. 

For the longest time, this component has been the phone battery. Up until now, smartphone batteries have only been good for a few hours a day and have kept many plugged into the power socket to keep enjoying all the perks that come with phones. 

The likes of Tecno, Oppo and Huawei seem to have cracked the code of a long-lasting battery but that is now being overshadowed by a new component which is the phone screen. 

The in-thing today is smartphones with larger screens and smaller bezels. Samsung has mastered the art of pushing the phone screen to the edge, literally. An edge to edge screen not only makes the phone look great but disadvantageously makes it very delicate and even more expensive to replace when it breaks. 

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At the time when a large enough number of people get phones with huge edge to edge displays, they will get tired of paying premiums to replace the screens and the battle to create the strongest phone screen will begin.

Nokia already seems to have prepared for this with their recent series of phones but there is no telling how other manufacturers will handle the issue of stronger, more durable edge to edge phone screens. We will have to wait and see.

Do you think large phone screens are a good or bad thing? Let me know in the comments

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