I try 5 Great phones to identify their issues

It appears that today when you have to buy a smartphone there are a lot of options to choose from. Each of the options has a feature that makes it ideal for whoever likes it. But like all things tech, there is a strong suit and then a feature or two that they compromise on. If you have used more that one phone type before, you might understand what I am on about. Based on my experience of using and owning a number of the smartphones here. I rate the things about them that they get right and what they compromised on. First, because I can, and secondly so that you can make an informed decision should you want to buy a new device.


Firstly, the iPhone. The largest compromise that comes with owning an iPhone is the hole it eats in your pocket. Or the pocket of whoever bought it for you. The iPhone is expensive, more expensive than many other smartphones. Some might say this is not a compromise, especially because the iPhone is a premium device but this list continues. First, you have to wait a whole year before you can get a major upgrade on the iPhone, quite often, when they come, they are underwhelming. iPhones cannot share content freely with other phone types and if that isn’t enough, to be able to comfortably use the iPhone, you will need to have other Apple devices to complement the ecosystem.


Designed to be the best option for the iPhone. Samsung lives up to their promise with a host of excellent features to brag about. For instance an epic display, custom apps, good security and great body design (Have you seen the new Note 10?). The Samsung, however, loses major points with the way it compromises on battery life. If you own an S series Samsung, the battery is undoubtedly the worst thing on the device. To get a full day’s work out of that phone, you will have to keep charging it.


Having edged its chunk of the market share in Uganda and Africa, Tecno prides itself on being affordable, having a good camera and a battery that is sure to outlast your day’s hustle. These beautiful features are overshadowed by the compromises Tecno makes which begin with that ugly user interface. This is coupled by a not so powerful processor especially for heavy phone users and weak body design. It is key to mention that the Tecno has the most inconsistent cameras on a phone anywhere. The device also has the habit of killing apps that are not being used. If you think about it though, that is part of what makes its battery so good.

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Killing Android support for Huawei has not stopped the Chinese phone maker from flourishing. With every phone they put out, Huawei keeps pushing the envelope to beat even the iPhone. Huawei has got to be doing something right if even Apple buys parts of the iPhone from them. While the device thrives with battery life and great cameras, they are not as efficient especially for the long term. Something almost always goes wrong on a Huawei device. The screen and buttons on the side are usually the common culprits. But now that the company is no longer dependent on Google’s Android, they might get better and deliver a flawless phone.


The king of gimmicks has always put out a functional and affordable smartphone. I once owned the LG G4 and it was the best phone I ever held for about 5 days. LG makes phones with headphone jacks, consistently good cameras, a great user interface and cool gimmicks but the phones are not very reliable in the long run. The LG G4 had a boot loop bug which made the phone unusable. Other models like the G5 have mediocre batteries and screens. In my opinion, an LG phone the kind that you would like to hold and use but not love to keep for a long time.

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