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A major prerequisite for a successful event is early and efficient marketing. Previously, this was described by ads on TV, radio and posters in the right places. Today, all the above might not have as much effect without digital events marketing. If your event is targeting a mass audience, having it placed on the right social media platforms, having the right tech and ads targeted at the right people could be the silver bullet that gets you the numbers. In the events game, numbers of attendees are key to achieving the bottom line which is the business and reputation goals.

During a time like December or drink-cember as many now call it,  there is literally an event every week. As an event organizer, you will quickly discover that there is clout on social media timeline and your event info could easily get lost in the sea of invites, posters and ticket sales ads. 

This conundrum is not made better by the fact that Ugandans love to get stuff done at the last minute. This means all the events will be fighting for the attention of revellers in a small amount of time.  To stand out in this information mayhem calls for a little extra to make your event stand out. This special sauce extra is technology. Unlike the kind that you use before the event, this tech works to market your event as it happens. What am I talking about? On-site internet access.  

On-site Internet access is the link that can give your event a boost courtesy of shout outs from your attendees. More often than not, revellers at events will be on their phones taking pictures, recording videos and sharing them with the world.

For an audience like ours ( the Ugandans) that need proof of fun before they can arrive at an event,  having fast, free or affordable wifi at your event gives your attendees especially the early birds the freedom to go online on your behalf and send shout outs to your fans and potential attendees, giving you the much-needed word of mouth.  

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The importance of wifi on-site goes just beyond the fact that people get the internet. Many many have mobile data after all. On top of giving the audience an avenue to speak about your event on your behalf, on-site wifi shows you care about the hospitality needs of your audience. The fact that wifi does not eat at the battery of the phones like mobile data means you everyone wins.

When making a budget for your event, wifi or a wifi partner could be something you consider having on top of all the other marketing strategies you intend to use.  

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