Dear Tecno, give us a worthy 2020 upgrade

There is a great chance that you or someone you know owns a Tecno. It could be a feature phone held as a backup or a higher up smart device. Whichever side of the spectrum you fall, you know Tecno P.S I am in the latter group.

Tecnos have become a sweetheart of many a phone user. They are affordable and have a battery that will outlast that impossible level of Candy Crush. Despite all this goodness, I think Tecno is starting to lose it. Not in the sense of units sold, no, more on the technological end.

If you have used a Tecno, you are familiar with Hi OS. Tecno’s operating system which rides on top of Android. If you aren’t familiar with this OS, I’d suggest you start here. It is where all the issues begin and now that you know what I am talking about, here’s the problem and what I wish Tecno would focus on in 2020.

The User interface

If there is a thing I would prioritize for a makeover, it would be the Hi OS User interface. It is not bad, it just isn’t exciting and has not got the awe factor of other phone manufacturers. The colour palette could be better the launcher needs to a do-over.

That Camera

Tecno’s AI-powered camera is a good feature but only if it works well. All phone cameras today are more about the image processing software than they are about the hardware. Tecno has managed to stick a 24 Megapixel camera into their phones. This is promising, but the camera is still inconsistent when taking pictures because out of 6 shots, about 3 will be clear.

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The Lag

My Camon X Pro boasts of a 2.0 GHz Octacore processor and 4GB of RAM. However, when I open several apps as is usually the case quite often, there are points when the phone freezes during typing or scrolling. For a device with this kind of hardware, the most logical cause of this lag is software with loopholes. These loopholes can be patched easily with a software update for a better phone experience.

2020 is looking like an interesting year for tech innovations. We might get a real folding phone, better cameras, the best iPhone yet, and longer-lasting batteries. We an excuse the copy and paste design of the Tecno range of devices but 2020 should be the year they finally take a closer look at their software and pay homage to the company that has come a long way from loud feature phones to being a smartphone powerhouse.

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