The Techie Christmas handbook

Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year but if you are the tech-savvy one in your family, it isn’t as such. From the time you get home, you are crowned the phone fixer of the house. How you wish there was a handbook for these kinds of things. If you have a small family, things are a little easy but for those from extended families, there’s a lot of work to be done through this season. Finding yourself in this situation shouldn’t be a headache. If you are the aunt, uncle or cousin whose phone never seems to work until the family tech guy does his magic, this one is especially for you.

I have picked the 3 most common queries I have had to deal with and have offered the simplest solutions. If you have any others I have not addressed, feel free to let me know in the comments section. I can offer solutions that will help even after the techie leaves after the holidays

My WhatsApp is not working

This is the most common complaint and usually has the simplest solution. If your WhatsApp happens not to work one day, before you call for help, try one or both these solutions.

  1. Update the app, which is done from either the play store for you Android users or the App Store. This usually solves all the problems but if it still persists try option 2
  2. Correct the date and time on your phone. WhatsApp works in real-time, so have your date and time correct.

I can’t read Facebook Messages

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If you find that you are not able to read Facebook messages, it is most probably because you do not have the Facebook Messenger app. The Facebook App does all the things Facebook is supposed to do, it doesn’t handle messages. That is the duty of Facebook Messenger. Also, if downloading the app affects the space on your phone, you have the option of Messenger lite which does the same job but occupies less space.

I bought data but I can’t see WhatsApp messages or Facebook.

Having actually bought data but you are still unable to use social media, then check that you have OTT dues paid. The options are from UGX 200 for a day to UGX 73,000 for a year.


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