5 Tech trends I am looking forward to in 2020

It is a new year, a new decade and all these come with new things. We have a lot of tech advancements from 2019 to be grateful for, such as the idea of the folding phone, the first look at 5G and the replacement of the notch on phone screens among many others.

Looking forward to 2020, we can expect to see refinements of the old tech and some new inventions. While we cannot be sure which tech will make it to our hands this year, we can speculate and wish. It is on this note that I list the 5 things I expect to see developed in 2020.

The Folding phones

Even though we have seen and maybe even used one of the folding phones available on the market today, what is certain is that the folding phones are not yet fully ready for use by the mass market. The need for a folding phone beyond a gimmick has still not been fully developed and the same goes for design. Unlike the new Motorola RAZR, no other folding phone design seems practical. In 2020, I expect that we shall get a folding phone design that makes sense and eventually a folding phone that we can all use as a daily driver.

Bluetooth 5.0

If you have considered shifting to using Bluetooth earphones, headphones or speakers but never had a reason to, this might be the push you need. We saw the application of Bluetooth 5.0 last year in with Sony, Bose and AKG headphones. I am confident that 2020 will be the year we see more devices use this new Bluetooth tech. Besides being faster, Bluetooth 5.0 enables you to connect to more than 1 Bluetooth device at a time.


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Our first look at 5G came last year and we (mostly me) got super excited but we quickly got to learn that it is not yet ready for use. A few tests showed that while the speed was great, 5G networks did not have far-reaching range. This is something I believe will be fixed this year. Seeing how fast the advancements of folding phones came, I am hopeful we shall be having user-friendly 5G tech this year. Maybe not in Uganda but 5G will see great advancements.

Multiple Camera lenses

The Nokia 9 took the 2019 crown for the phone with the most cameras. A groundbreaking 6 cameras were placed on this phone. Huawei, Samsung and even iPhone Used multiple cameras to give users a better camera experience. In 2020, this trend is surely going to continue and in a few cases might be overdone. Already the new Xiaomi K30 is boasting of a 4 camera setup and we are only in January. I believe we are in for several surprises this year.

Cheaper Internet

For several years now, Uganda has had the most expensive internet costs in the East African region. 2020 might be the year where this changes for the better. Telecom companies are battling each other to be the best internet service provider with unique and affordable data bundles much to the delight of we the users.

Do you agree with my list? What tech do you think will make headlines in 2020?

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