The biggest reason fast internet is important to Digital Marketers

The Daily Monitor shared an article listing the fastest internet providers in Uganda and Airtel came out on top with 14Mbps over MTN’s 4Mbps and Africell’s 3.8 Mbps. I am a subscriber to Airtel’s internet and from experience greatly agree. Even though 14 Mbps is not the 4G speeds I expected, it is a rant for another article.

This article is about what Airtel’s fast internet and in retrospect the other ISP’s internet means to Digital Marketers. Digital marketing is largely dependent on the internet. The faster the internet connection, the better the experience. Over the past couple of years, the internet has gotten faster, digital marketers now have more room to expand their thinking and offer better experiences to users as well as better results for clients.

Smart insights predicts that people around the world will spend about 100 minutes everyday watching online video content in 2021 as compared to 84 minutes in 2019. The same site found that 92% of marketers around the world find video an important part of digital marketing.

Video content comes in short form (30-90 seconds) and long form (3+ minutes) videos, vlogs, stories and live broadcasts. There has also been a notable growth in the usage of video-centric platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Likee. These tools and trends are fueling the efforts of several digital marketers, however, video cannot be made possible if internet speeds are unable to keep up.

This is where that high speed internet comes into play. According to Zen, you need at least 5 mbps to comfortably stream an HD video. For a marketer looking to make the use of video content, it becomes a no brainer what demographic to consider for targeting your audience.

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When buying ads on social media, it pays to have your targeting right. If you are looking to go the way of video ads, it pays even more to know that the people you want to reach are able to watch your content without the worry of buffering. In the eyes of a digital marketer, the internet speed stats show that HD video outside Kampala would thrive in areas like Soroti, Mityana, Kitgum and Moroto where Airtel registered fast internet speeds and lower pixel density videos (144p & 320p) in the areas where the speeds drop below 5mbps. The same applies to the other telecom networks like MTN and Africell in their areas of strength and weakness.  

A deeper dive into the stats shows that Airtel and MTN share a combined 84% market share of internet service providers in Uganda. Having all the data can make the difference between a good and great marketing strategy. In the case of this internet speed data, a digital marketers’ job becomes easier knowing that they can be able to properly use video content in 2020. It pays to know that the tools and trends of digital marketing can be exploited with the power of faster internet.

If you agree or disagree with my thinking, leave a comment. If you would like to see more articles like these, leave a comment as well.

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