3 real reasons to have influencers in marketing strategy

Thee Digital in an article mentioned influencer marketing as a major digital marketing trend in 2020. Four months into the year and that statement still stands true. Influencers are a formidable force in today’s marketing strategy that is not going away any time soon. Several marketers have different views about the use of influencers.

To some, they are merely a tool to make a hashtag trend and for others, they are a sales and leads driving force. It does not matter which side of that coin you fall, if you are achieving your marketing objectives then all is when. If however, you have thought of how else to maximize influencers in your marketing strategy, I have curated 3 definitive reasons you should hire influencers for a marketing campaign besides making the Twitter trends list.

To enhance organic reach

It is increasingly becoming difficult to organically reach large numbers of people on social media. Even when you have a large following, the social media platform algorithms seem to restrict the reach of organic communications in favour of paid ones. If you are not in a position to spend on ads, your next best option is to use influencers. By the nature of the gig, you find a person or people with a large social media following plus some “influence”, and get them to share your brand message through their channels. Instant organic reach by piggy back riding on influencers.


Creating association

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It is common for new brands or those going through a public relations storm to associate themselves with other brands or individuals who increase their credibility. Even when a brand is not going through a rough patch, positive associations are good. Bringing relevant influencers to your fold can create a great association in the public eye of your brand and the influencers, thus fostering trust for your brand and pushing sales in the process. The best example of this, is Nike’s choice to have world class athletes and celebrities as influencers. Every win that Serena Williams attains does not go with the mention of Nike which provides her with world class sports apparel.

Enhancing word of mouth

Engagement is the life blood of social media marketing. If people are not talking to or about your brand then there could be something missing in the strategy. Engagement, like reach is taking a beating from the social media platform algorithms, however unlike reach, it is easier to get a walk around with great content. It is very possible also to go from good engagement to viral engagement with the help of influencers. Once your choice of influencers is well thought through, your brand message can be the talk of town in an instant.

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