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As a born and bred technology fanatic, I have always revered offices and office space. The polished heavy wooden doors that lead to an arched metal detector and matching security guards dressed in grey and black have always struck fear in my core.

All that changed one day. I had just traded my ID for a temporary badge at the security desk and soon into the leathery black chair when I noticed a painting hung neatly across the room. From the painting, I could tell the temperature of the room, or at least the temperature it was intended to bring.

It was a display of the company’s culture to people like me, who could not understand or cram the endless jargon and acronyms. I could take a guess at what the CEO tells good employees at the end of year retreats. The painting alone changed how I felt about that office waiting room.

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It did not stop there. Walking into the office, my eyes landed on a flask next to a sculpture. I was in Uganda but that office felt like an embassy. From the national flags to the paintings of the lush green mountain slopes. It was this culture that I saw there. My fear of offices fled that day and my eyes look forward to seeing what’s hanging on the walls of every office I walk into.

Now that times have changed and we can no longer physically freely go to offices during the pandemic, I adapted as well. Zoom and Skype calls now replace boardroom meetings but not the culture driven art. The brushstroke piece I saw in the background of a webinar inspired me to buy a painting of my own to act as eye candy for whomever I shall video chat with next.

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